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Managing Improvements Within Your Organisation

Enable staff to deliver understandable improvements to policies, procedures or protocols w...

  9 lessons
  234 students

Developing Teams to Achieve Results

This course covers how to communicate effectively with your team (including remotely) in o...

  7 lessons
  671 students

How to Communicate With Impact Through Presentations

This course will look at how to leverage your body language, tone and pace to seem self-as...

  8 lessons
  214 students

Developing Your Leadership Style as a Manager

This course will take a look at your leadership style, the qualities that make an effectiv...

  8 lessons
  567 students

How to Be a Decision Maker and Problem Solver

This course will help you understand how to problem solve and communicate solutions effect...

  10 lessons
  157 students

How to Manage Effective Communications at All Levels of the Organisation and Externally

This course will help you leverage communication as a form of negotiation and how to use d...

  8 lessons
  345 students

How to Manage Professional Meetings

This course will help you understand the importance of professional meetings, how to contr...

  8 lessons
  537 students

How to Motivate the Team to Achieve Outstanding Results

This programme helps you understand your own and other's motivations Scroll down to view a...

  8 lessons
  244 students

Becoming a Champion Salesperson

This programme focuses on how to influence others and how to sell strategically Scroll dow...

  9 lessons
  122 students

Managing Underperformance Within the Team

This course will help you have difficult conversations, help you measure performance and a...

  8 lessons
  172 students

Delivering Effective Performance Reviews

This programme is essential for all Managers at all levels to understand how to deliver me...

  9 lessons
  201 students

Training the Trainer

This course helps individuals understand how to deliver effective training regardless of t...

  8 lessons
  97 students

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Qualifications

We provide a large range of leadership and management programmes ranging from Level 2 awar...

  18 lessons
  44 students

Becoming an Effective Leader

This programme looks at how you can be seen by staff and management as being an effective ...

  7 lessons
  389 students

Managing Remote Workers (Including During a Pandemic)

This programme looks at how to support, help and develop staff who may be working remotely...

  8 lessons
  277 students

Developing Effective Partnerships to Grow the Business

This programme identifies how to create, grow and manage successful partnerships to maximi...

  8 lessons
  89 students

Coaching the Individual or Team to Success

The aim of this programme is to enable staff to successfully coach other staff to achieve ...

  7 lessons
  153 students

Managing Stress in Yourself and Within the Team

This course will look at how to manage stress levels within yourself and to identify stres...

  8 lessons
  191 students

Managing Conflict Within the Team or With Clients

This course will look at aspects of law and conflict; how to deal with conflict and dissip...

  9 lessons
  314 students

Managing Effective Customer Relations and Striving Towards Excellence

The programme is aimed at all staff who are involved in working with internal or external ...

  7 lessons
  103 students

Managing Projects

This programme aims at enabling managers to multi task projects to achieve successful outc...

  9 lessons
  129 students

Managing Information and Resources to Achieve Organisational Goals

This programme loos at how you can achieve this in your own department or organisation Scr...

  7 lessons
  45 students

Understanding Governance and Due Diligence in Organisations

This programme looks at your responsibilities to the organisation and how to implement and...

  7 lessons
  67 students

Time Management and Achieving Targets

This programme helps individuals at all levels in the business understand the important of...

  8 lessons
  672 students

Leading Change Within Your Department and or Organisation

The aim of this programme is to prepare managers to be leaders of change and bring the sta...

  9 lessons
  179 students

Managing Staff Development Programmes

The aim of this programme is to provide managers with the resources to support and advise ...

  7 lessons
  301 students

Mentoring as a Professional Manager

This programme will enable managers to establish mentoring relationships within the busine...

  8 lessons
  207 students

Develop Winning Strategies to Achieve Organisational Goals

The aim of this programme is to help managers use a range of strategies to achieve persona...

  7 lessons
  117 students

Developing the Team to Achieve Goals

The aim of this programme is to maximise the skills set of each team member so that they i...

  8 lessons
  104 students

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